Notes from Americaland!

Since I’ve been in America for nearly two weeks now, Ifigure it is about time to post a new blog about my experiences thus far. The trip over here was pretty unexciting, no delays and my luggage all made it to Des Moines the same time I did. The flights were all pretty uneventful (thankfully!) except for a little bit of turbulence on the way to Atlanta. I spent most of the flight catching up on movies and TV shows, so even though it was a long flight – 16+hours, it wasn’t too boring. Even the food was pretty good. … Continue reading Notes from Americaland!

July Happenings at Kasanka

July was another busy month for me at Kasanka National Park. Over the last two weeks, I have mostly been working on the Art Contest for Conservation that I have been coordinating. We visited a couple of the schools to answer questions and encourage participation and then I went back last week to pick up some of the entries. Eight schools participated, five community schools and three basic schools. (A community school is funded entirely by the community, while a basic school is supported by the government.) We invited all of the schools; but due to distance and time we … Continue reading July Happenings at Kasanka