Notes from Americaland!

Since I’ve been in America for nearly two weeks now, Ifigure it is about time to post a new blog about my experiences thus far. The trip over here was pretty unexciting, no delays and my luggage all made it to Des Moines the same time I did. The flights were all pretty uneventful (thankfully!) except for a little bit of turbulence on the way to Atlanta. I spent most of the flight catching up on movies and TV shows, so even though it was a long flight – 16+hours, it wasn’t too boring. Even the food was pretty good. Flying into America was a bit different – I hadn’t experience the whole rub down thing, and I had never been fingerprinted to get on a plane before. But I passed all the security screenings and made it home safely.

After I made back to Des Moines, I decided my first meal would be Mexican – so we stopped at Carlos O’Kelly’s. It was a delicious first meal back – lots of cheese! We then went home and I proceeded to sleep for the next 14 hours. After resting a day at home, we went to the Iowa State Fair on Friday. It was the first time I had been to the state fair in three years; so it was great to be back and see all the changes. It was also a great chance to
eat all sorts of great fair food – a corn dog, fried dill pickles, a walking
taco, and of course lemonade.  On Saturday, I went to the wedding of my freshman roommate, Klaire. This was a great chance to see lots of people from college and it was a beautiful wedding and reception. I then had a week in Corning, catching up on Law and Order and trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

Saturday, I had a chance to meet up with a couple of RPCVs from my intake who were passing through Iowa. It was fun to see people I only knew in Zambia in America – I hope
it sets a trend for the future! I then continued on to Marengo to see another former roommate, who is teaching there. It was fun to see her house and meet some of her co-workers. It was also a great chance to catch up and just hang out. We went shopping, and of course I bought way more than I should – but I figure it makes up for the last two years of only shopping at DAPP!

My agent (aka my mom) has me on a press tour of southwest Iowa. So far I have done two radio interviews and had articles and ads in the paper. I’m also hosting an open house and presentation this week for the whole community. It should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to sharing my pictures and experiences with lots of people.  I’m also planning to help out with a couple of Peace Corps recruiting events at Iowa State, so it will be interesting to be meet some prospective volunteers, as well as schmooze with some RPCVs from other countries.

I leave Iowa September 20, so I have about three weeks left – and lots of fun (and good food!) is still to be had!


One thought on “Notes from Americaland!

  1. Sounds like you are having a good home leave love! My cell number is 810.772.6079 hit me up if you find time, otherwise we can always skype sometime when youre back in serenje. Enjoy the rest of your home leave!

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