Miscellaneous Adventures at Kasanka

One night last week, I was halfway through preparing myself a delicious dinner of minestrone (complete with carrots, green peppers, and green beans) when there was a knock at my door. The cook from the Conservation Centre had brought me what appeared to be a giant hunk of meat. She asked me if I ate bushmeat, and after some consideration of the circumstances, I told her I would. It turns out that they had found a puku that had been snared just outside of the park, near the Area Warden’s house. Apparently poaching in that area has gotten pretty bad; … Continue reading Miscellaneous Adventures at Kasanka

Field Trip to Bangweulu Wetlands & Lavushi Manda National Park

This week I have been visiting Lavushi Manda National Park and the Bangweulu Wetlands. Lavushi Manda is a park in a similar situation to Kasanka’s in the mid-eighties. The area (about 1500km2, approximately three times the size of Kasanka) is nominally a national park, but the support and protection it has received over the years has been basically nil. The Kasanka Trust is now in charge of revamping the park, including the construction of roads and campsites. The idea is that the Kasanka Trust will be able to use the same model to find success with Lavushi Manda. I decided … Continue reading Field Trip to Bangweulu Wetlands & Lavushi Manda National Park

Happy 2012 From Zambia!

Happy New Year from Zambia! It’s amazing to think that I have celebrated three new years in Zambia. 2010 and 2011 were both great years (for the most part anyway), and so far 2012 has been pretty good. In mid-December, I was approached by Open Africa, which is an organization that KTL and specifically the Community Relations Project have been working with to promote eco-tourism and development of tourism activities in the area. Basically, they need someone to work with the monitors we trained at the workshop back in May (and who haven’t really done anything since) and help monitor … Continue reading Happy 2012 From Zambia!