Pack for a Purpose!

Pack for a Purpose (PfaP) is an NGO based in the U.S. that aims at facilitating the donation of goods to community projects in Africa. Many safari lodges and other accommodations give back to the surrounding communities, and PfaP allows you to learn a bit about these projects and their needs before your trip. Basically by visiting their website and checking for your lodging, you can see what the community projects need – whether it is medical supplies, school supplies, or anything else. Since most airlines allow you 100 pounds of luggage, most visitors have extra space in their luggage for some bandages, pencils, or even story books. For more information about Pack for a Purpose, visit their website at

I am pleased to announce that Wasa Lodge and Kasanka National Park is a now a part of this program. Visit—kasanka-national-park.shtml for the link to Wasa Lodge.

So if you are planning a visit to Kasanka National Park, take a minute and look at the website. We support several community schools; Lusenga Community School is just one. Any donation of new or gently used school supplies would be greatly appreciated by the students. Also any donation of supplies for our anti-poaching patrols would be appreciated by both the scouts and the wildlife they protect.


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