Finally Employed!

The job search has finally paid off! After three months in the U.S. spending hours and hours and hours looking for jobs, applying for jobs, and the occasional job interview, I have officially accepted and been cleared for a position with Peace Corps! The position is titled “Public Affairs Assistant” and it is in the Communications Department of Peace Corps, at their headquarters in Washington, D.C. It is just a three month temporary position for now, but if they like me and I like working there (and like living in D.C.) there is a possibility that it will turn into … Continue reading Finally Employed!

Turns Out, AfterCorps is Terrible Health Insurance.

When you COS, the PCMO will tell you a little bit about the AfterCorps program, and how great it is. Turns out, this is a lie. It is totally overpriced; and they pay almost nothing of your bills. Peace Corps will also give no practical information about using the insurance. I will tell you about my experiences, since no one in the Peace Corps office will help you with any practical questions about the program. The monthly cost is roughly $180 (at least for me, it might vary by person). I am a generally healthy person, no pre-existing conditions. Checking … Continue reading Turns Out, AfterCorps is Terrible Health Insurance.