Rock me like a hurricane

Post-Sandy update:

Turns out that Sandy blew past DC and headed for New York instead. Here in DC, it was pretty low key. There was some damage, mostly small to medium branches down around town. We didn’t even end up losing power. I think we ended up with about six inches of rain over the two days – a lot, but not as much as lots of other places.

We did get two days off from work – but it was business as usual for most people on Wednesday the 31st.

All in all, DC was incredibly lucky. My thoughts go out to everyone who wasn’t as lucky. And now I can say I survived my first hurricane.

Previous post:

As you all have heard, the East Coast is having a bit of a hurricane. I thought I would post an update on the first day of the storm before my power goes out (as it likely will). DC started really preparing for the megastorm on Friday. I was asked by my boss to fill out a “telework agreement.” Basically, this allows me to work from home on days when the Federal Government is on unscheduled leave. Usually people are only allowed to telework after they have been working for 90 days, but since this is an “unscheduled” absence because of the weather, exceptions were made. But since it was short notice, I was unable to get the equipment needed to access my files from home.

On Saturday morning, I went with my housemate Amy and another friend to the grocery store to stock up on emergency supplies. We managed to get the last case of Dasani – all the store brand water was already gone, and all that was left was Fiji and Evian. The granola bars, canned stuff (especially the soup), and cracker sections were looking a little bare as well. Saturday was a beautiful day – the calm before the storm.

On Sunday afternoon I went to the staging for a new group of volunteers that are scheduled to leave for Jordan tonight. I don’t think they will make it. It was fun to talk to them and get some of their expectations and thoughts before they leave for their two years of Peace Corps service.

The rain started last night. It was raining steadily, but not too heavily. Overnight, it kept raining and the wind picked up. It’s now pretty windy, and the rain is still coming down. They closed the federal government to the public for today (and most likely tomorrow as well). I am working a little from home – what I can do without access to my work email and other work documents. Since the timeline was unknown, most people were expecting to be able to work on Monday. Not sure how long we’ll be out – my guess is it will depend on other things, like flooding, debris, and the power situation before any decisions are made.

The wind is blowing and things are looking like they will be getting worse. Our house is in an area unlikely to flood, but it is pretty likely we will lose power at least for a little while. So far the hurricane is mostly like a long rain shower with some crazy wind. Hopefully I will be able to post more over the next day or so.


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