In Photos: Peloponnese, Greece

My favorite photos from around the Peloponnese region of Greece, including Monemvasia, Mystras, Olympia, Nafplio, Methoni, and Sparta. Continue reading In Photos: Peloponnese, Greece


The Risks (and Rewards) of Winging It

Well, I’d say Tuesday was a change in plans – but I didn’t have much of a plan to start out with. After a trip to Ancient Olympia, I still had three nights to kill before heading to Athens. I was waffling between heading to Methoni and Napflio. Methoni is located down on the very southwestern tip of the Peloponnese and is most well known for being the home to a great castle that was once captured by the Venetians. On the other side, Napflio is significantly closer to Athens and was the first capital of Greece and another former … Continue reading The Risks (and Rewards) of Winging It

It’s All Greek to Me

I arrived in Greece after forty hours on the ferry, very grateful that I had planned ahead enough to book a hotel in the port town of Patras. Luckily, the hotel had a late breakfast and a checkout time of noon. I headed into town to check things out and do some last minute errands, like buying a sim card and withdrawing some cash. Patras is a fairly big town, the capital of the South Peloponses. However, signs of the economic trouble in Greece were prevalent, with lots of boarded up windows and empty storefronts. However, I was able to … Continue reading It’s All Greek to Me

Tales from the Adriatic Sea

Similar to a long plane or train ride, there was a sensation of movement even though you couldn’t always feel it, you knew it was there. Occasionally, the boat would shift to remind you that you are not on stable land anymore. This is similar to turbulence, catching you off guard and making you stumble a bit and your stomach do a little flip the first time. Watching the sunset on the top deck, I could empathize with early explorers – nothing to be seen in any direction but water that seemed to drop off the edge of a flat planet. Continue reading Tales from the Adriatic Sea