Carlsberg, Probably the Best Beer in the World

He founded his brewery in 1847 and named it “Carlsberg” in honor of his son Carl and the fact that it was on a hill. Carlsberg quickly became known for its superior quality and taste and became very popular. The original brew house caught fire in 1866 but was quickly rebuilt and still stands there today, housing the museum. Continue reading Carlsberg, Probably the Best Beer in the World


Roskilde, Denmark

For the past 1000 years, there has been some sort of church where the Roskilde Cathedral now stands. It started as a simple wooden church, then a stone church and now a magnificent brick church. The church that stands now was started in the 1170s and the body of the church was completed in 1280. At that time, the Gothic style was all the rage, and Roskilde Cathedral is one of the earliest examples of French-inspired Gothic brick architecture and was the first brick Gothic church in Europe. Continue reading Roskilde, Denmark