Riding the Open Bus in Vietnam

In my research, I came across the open bus system. This sounded like a great deal: purchase a ticket and get on and off where ever you want within the next month at as many stops as you want. This seemed like a convenient and flexible way to travel – not to mention economical. Continue reading Riding the Open Bus in Vietnam


The Risks (and Rewards) of Winging It

Well, I’d say Tuesday was a change in plans – but I didn’t have much of a plan to start out with. After a trip to Ancient Olympia, I still had three nights to kill before heading to Athens. I was waffling between heading to Methoni and Napflio. Methoni is located down on the very southwestern tip of the Peloponnese and is most well known for being the home to a great castle that was once captured by the Venetians. On the other side, Napflio is significantly closer to Athens and was the first capital of Greece and another former … Continue reading The Risks (and Rewards) of Winging It