Let’s Talk About Asian Food

Whenever I travel, I have found that the one thing that everyone wants to know about is the food (followed by the weather). So I solicited a few questions about my experiences with food during my summer travels in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. The variety of food in Asia was amazing, and I had the opportunity to try dozens of new foods. Continue reading Let’s Talk About Asian Food


Southeast Asia Recap and Q & A

My six-week journey through Southeast Asia and China was another epic adventure. I decided to crunch the numbers and see just how epic it was, and here are the results. I also asked for questions from my friends on both Facebook and in person. If you have a question, feel free to add it in the comments, and I will update this post. Continue reading Southeast Asia Recap and Q & A

Hoi An, Vietnam: History, Shopping, and Beaches

Hoi An has a strategic location with easy access via sea and river, so it was an important trading post for hundreds of years. Some of the earliest people to take advantage of this location were the Cham people, who used the port for trading spices and other goods. Being a port town, Hoi An has influences from several cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, and Indian. The power of the port and the accompanying wealth grew, and by the 17th century, it was the most important trade port in the South China Sea. Continue reading Hoi An, Vietnam: History, Shopping, and Beaches